Women's Action for Poverty Alleviation

 April 10, 2020

Women's Action for Poverty Alleviation


With a view to mobilizing and organizing women to play their role as "half of the sky" in eradicating poverty, the All-China Women's Federation(ACWF) initiated the "Women's Action for Poverty Alleviation" in December 2015, focusing on the following 7 tasks: popularizing poverty-alleviation policies and inspiring women to have the determination to get rid of poverty, providing skills training and building capacity, providing micro-credit loans to alleviate poverty through running businesses, developing handicrafts industries, encouraging competent women to help the underprivileged to combat poverty, offering women free screenings for cervical and breast cancer, and harnessing the power of the society to participate in poverty alleviation.


(Women of China)


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